2m hand-stitched patchwork table runner

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A beautiful, Indian, individually made Namaste cotton table-runner with a 1.5 cm hem. The front face is decorated with a royal blue, orange, cream and gold floral design cotton with a Kantha stitch, all bordered in royal blue, while the back is plain royal blue. The tablecloth is a full 2 metres long and 35 cm wide, and is rectangular with diamond point ends, finishing in generous 15 cm maroon tassels. Unlike paper and plastic runners, it can be dry cleaned and ironed, and used time and again. It will add a touch of style to any table, buffet bar or sideboard, and will protect the wood from stains and scratches too.

These patchwork table runners are hand-embroidered by workers at fifty strong, long-established small business in the Pink city of Jaipur in India, which is renowned for its ethical working conditions and commitment to protecting the environment.

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